After more than two years of research, development and tests, Colmec, certified ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001, presented its new range of low energy consumption extrusion and vulcanization lines for hoses and profiles. A “green revolution” that place Colmec as a market benchmark. The renewal involved all aspects of the line: from the extruder to the complete renew of the ovens, to the integrated software management. The new extruders are optimized to reduce the consumption of water, a precious resource, with a consequent decrease in power consumption. In the same way, its dedicated software integrates and manages in real time the data arriving from all the sensors it is equipped with in order to reduce heat losses to a minimum. The new extruders are able to produce the same kg/h with a reduction in consumption of about 20-25% compared to the traditional systems. The vulcanization oven has been completely redesigned. Today it is possible to combine the high production given by the high speed of the air, a technology already developed by Colmec, with the recovery of the heat expelled from the oven chimneys to preheat the new air coming in. This not only keeps the density of the air inside the vulcanization chamber stable, increasing the quality of the vulcanization, but also guarantees significant energy savings. Even in this case, the reduction in energy costs is over 30% at the same production speed.