Remote FAT has becomes nowadays an intelligent and sustainable alternative that accelerate testing activities and reduces travelling time and costs for the customers.
Colmec is able to offer the opportunity to carry out the checking procedures of the line testing without the on-site presence of the customer.
Through livestreaming mode, the customer can in real-time interacts with Colmec’s technical staff, every element of the line can be shown, all the required tests be performed in real-time until the final validation of the line.
Remote FATs have already been successfully carried out for customers from the United States, UK, Spain, France, India and the next ones are already planned.
The remote start-up of a complete line extends beyond the Colmec FAT (factory acceptance test) to include the subsequent SAT (site acceptance test), a delicate and complex phase that includes assembly of the machines at the customer’s facility, followed by their start-up and testing. Thanks to the widespread diffusion of new technologies, Colmec is able to training local technicians step-by-step to assemble individual line’s components and guiding personnel to start-up new lines, giving them 360° assistance.